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Project Details

The Juice Spaces VIP Citizen Mintpass

We Got The Juice #WGTJ

Your Golden Straw VIP Citizen Mintpass gives you presale mint access to our launchpad and all Juice Spaces NFT drops. The following are some of the crazy benefits:

  • Mint the upcoming Juice Box NFT launch
  • Mint lunch box houses and land in the Lunch Box City metaverse
  • Mint exclusive independent creator NFTs 
  • VIP access to a high-end NFT investor club
  • Juice Spaces NFT projects, Galaxy Metaverse, the Juice Spaces DAO, Collab Presale Mint List projects
  • & much more juice to come…

This all equals unparalleled utility within the NFT space that provides continuous earning opportunities.

Mintpass Levels
There are three (3) different levels of Golden Straw VIP Citizen Mintpasses. Each gives different levels of discounts to Native Juice Spaces NFT projects:

  • Golden Straw VIP Citizen Mintpass GALAXY – 40% Discount on the mint price
  • Golden Straw VIP Citizen Mintpass STAR – 30% Discount on the mint price
  • Golden Straw VIP Citizen Mintpass MOON – 20% Discount on the mint price


The Juice Spaces Hybrid DAO

Mintpass holders will be able to participate in the Juice Spaces DAO. The Juice Spaces DAO is a hybrid DAO that combines the best of traditional business dynamics with the most powerful features of a DAO. As a Golden Straw VIP Citizen mintpass holder you will vote to select, fund and promote Juice Spaces NFT projects. Juice Spaces places you in the driving seat by using the fundamental principles of a DAO.

All Mint Pass holders are entitled to one vote within the Juice Spaces DAO.

There has never been a project that gives you access to so much juice!

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