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Project Details

The Juice Box NFT Collection

The Juice Box NFT is a collection of 7,777 designer inspired Juice Box NFTs living on the Solana Blockchain. Every Juice Box NFT got retro, anime, sports, music and fashion flavored juice. Juice Boxes perfectly blend fun, funky vibes with high-quality animation and 3D art to build the most imaginative community in the metaverse.

All Juice Box NFT holders will be able to earn $JUICE tokens by staking their NFTs. $JUICE is the native currency of Lunch Box City and the Galaxy Metaverse. $JUICE tokens will have many uses throughout the Juice Spaces ecosystem.

Juice Box NFTs earn 5 $JUICE tokens per day

All Juice Box NFT holders receive one mint lottery ticket for EVERY Juice Spaces NFT drop. Additionally, they are entitled to purchase additional lottery tickets using $JUICE tokens gained by staking their Juice Box NFTs.

Origin Story

Juice Box started with a vision to inspire our communities to dream and play like when we were kids. Juice Box NFT holders are committed to creating a positive community where imagination has no limits and impossibility is conquered.

We’ve Got The Juice

Every Juice Box NFT is packed with flavor to send your senses wild. Their flavor is scientifically measured on our flavor intensity scale using our 16 flavor profile points system determined by the traits of your Juice Box.

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