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Juice Spaces Partners with Weeve

Miami, FL, March 3rd, 2022 – Juice Spaces has partnered with WEEVE, a premiere loyalty app and platform, to produce an NFT experience that creates deeper connections between WEEVE users and their merchants. WEEVE has partnered with VISA to provide an elite, luxury experience for their consumers throughout the Caribbean. Juice Spaces will launch an NFT based marketing campaign to onboard VISA customers in the WEEVE Ecosystem.

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WEEVE is a specialist loyalty and digital marketing agency – we ‘manage’ (create,
retain & grow) profitable relationships on behalf of our clients and deliver world-class
loyalty and digital marketing solutions. WEEVE presently has over 100,000 users who have downloaded their mobile app on the Apple and Google Play store. Learn more at

VISA uses technology and innovation to make digital payments a reality for
consumers, businesses, banks and governments. Learn more at

Juice Spaces connects creators and communities to change the world for better.
We inspire creators to dream, build, and explore the boundaries of their imaginations
within the digital world. Juice Spaces is a launchpad for Initial NFT Offerings, INO
where NFT Investor can gain presale access to highly vetted NFT projects using our
VIP mintpass. Learn more at