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Juice Spaces signs up and coming artist Reneeliselle

Miami, FL, March 1st, 2022 – Juice Spaces signs up and coming artist Renee.
Renee is one of the leading black artists and voices emerging on the art scene. She
placed at the top of a recent global competition involving 16 nations. Her pieces are
colorful and express inner beauty while captivating our imaginations.

Renee expressed, “I am excited to work with the Juice Spaces team to launch my first NFT project. I am really at home on a canvas but I am growing to love my iPad… looking forward to producing some memorable pieces for my fans!”

Renee’s collection Tiffany’s uses advanced STEGANOGRAPHY technology to hide a secret inspirational poem from Renee within your NFT. This makes Renee’s collection a first for NFT projects by blending art and technology to create an inspirational masterpiece.

The Tiffany’s Collection will be a 3333 piece NFT collection exclusively available to our mintpass holders. There will also be a public sale.

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