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Juice Spaces 

Ecosystem Token

We Got The Juice #WGTJ

What is $JUICE?

$JUICE token is the underlying currency that underpins the Juice Spaces ecosystem and Galaxy metaverse. Our Galaxy will be much more than just a Milky Way!


Generating $JUICE tokens
All Juice Box NFT holders and Golden Straw VIP Citizen Mintpass holders will be able to earn a yield by staking their NFTs to generate $JUICE tokens, the native currency of Lunch Box City and the Galaxy Metaverse.
$JUICE tokens will have many uses throughout the Juice Spaces ecosystem.
  • Golden Straw VIP Citizen Mintpass NFTs earn 10 $JUICE tokens per day
  • Juice Box NFTs earn 5 $JUICE tokens per day


Lottery Tickets:

Highly Vetted Projects

$JUICE token are used to purchase lottery tickets to secure presale access to Juice Spaces NFT projects.



The Juice Shop

Holders will be able to use $JUICE tokens to buy/sell various items from the Juice Shop marketplace.



The Juice DAO

$JUICE tokens will be used as a core governance component of Juice DAO initiatives.


All holders of the Golden Straw VIP Citizen Mintpass or Juice Box NFTs will be eligible to receive a $JUICE token airdrop. More information will be disclosed as the roadmap progresses.

$JUICE Tokenomics

Juice Spaces believes in putting our community first and this is reflected in the $JUICE Tokenomics. The $JUICE token distribution is projected as follows.
Both the advisors and team members have a 6 month lockup as well as a 24 months vest after the lockup. Early investors allocations are also locked up for 3 months from IDO date and vested over 18 months.

Token Supply

Fixed Total Supply: 200,000,000
Initial Supply: 4,000,000
Listing Price: 0.50 USDC

Market Capitalization

Initial Market Cap: $2,000,000
Fully Diluted Market Cap: $100,000,000
Initial Circulating Supply: 2%

*Tokenomics are subject to change before launch due to market conditions and community input.