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The Tiffany's NFT Collection by Reneeliselle

Renee is an up and coming, award winning, young black artist. She is the 21 year old creator of the Tiffany’s NFT Project. Tiffany’s, All Women Are Beautiful is an expression of beauty, love and unity of women everywhere.

…STEGANOGRAPHY technology to hide a secret inspirational poem from Renee within your NFT. This poetic slam will be revealed when your NFT is revealed. Tiffany’s Legendary Holders have full publishing rights to their poetic pieces. This makes Renee’s collection a first for NFT projects by blending art and technology to create an inspirational masterpiece.

Tiffany’s is a collection of 3333 Digital Art NFT pieces on the Ethereum blockchain. 100 Legendary NFTs from the Tiffany’s Collection use advanced…

“What is love? Does it have a taste or a sound? 
Can you feel it… touch it… or even smell it? How rare love is…
How can it be completely free, yet you’ll gladly pay with your life for it.

May you through your Tiffany see the dance of your child,
feel the kisses of a loved one lost,
and buried smiles burst forth like the rising sun…

Tiffany’s Legendary Poetic Piece 

History of Steganography

Steganography allows two parties to communicate in secret by hiding a message in plain sight. It can be traced to 440 BC in the time of the Greeks where Histiaeus, the greek rule of Miletus sent a message to one of his leaders, Aristagoras, by shaving the head of his most trusted servant, “marking” the message onto his scalp, then sending him on his way once his hair had regrown, with the instruction, “When thou art come to Miletus, bid Aristagoras shave thy head, and look thereon.” 

Additionally, Five (5) NFT holders will be randomly chosen to receive a 1-of-1 physical art piece hand-painted by Renee.

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