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The WEEVE VIP Citizen Mintpass

An Exclusive Luxury Lifestyle Club consisting 10,000 3D Animated NFTs as part of the WEEVE Genesis Collection on the Solana blockchain with Real-Life Utilities.​ (WEEVE has over 100,000 members who have downloaded their mobile app from Google Play and Apple Store.)

At WEEVE, we want to provide every member with a sophisticated and elite experience that makes them feel like a VIP. Owning a WEEVE VIP Metaverse Citizen NFT grants the holder instant membership to our exclusive Club. You’ll get special members-only privileges such as Double Weeve points on various purchases, Valuable Merchant Vouchers, Special Event Invites, Exclusive Vacations, Weeve Merch and exclusive access to mint the upcoming WEEVE VIP Identity NFT. ​

You deserve to be treated like a VIP!​


Being a WEEVE NFT holder grants you access to an elite lifestyle Club for members to connect and enjoy exclusive benefits from WEEVE merchants and partners. There are three different categories of WEEVE VIP Citizen Mintpass NFTs:

Our cool and sophisticated legendary citizens are entitled to unbelievable utility. Gain access to our most exclusive benefits. Legendary Citizen NFT holders will also receive another WEEVE NFT airdrop completely free. There will only be 30 legendary WEEVE NFTs publicly available on Mint Day. 

Our perfectly glamourous OG VIP citizens. This incredibly rare NFT holds the key to elite benefits as a WEEVE user. There will only be 150 golden WEEVE NFTs publicly available on Mint Day.

Live a like a VIP and gain exclusive golden benefits as a WEEVE NFT holder. There will only be 11000 NFTs publicly available on Mint Day.​

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